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At LeahK We Love to Innovate, Invent, Tinker and Experiment with new technologies. By sharing our experiences we inspire as well as influence new ways of thinking and working. We have a diverse team of collaborators from talent performance improvement consultants, agency media and graphics creatives who all are dedicated to producing effective and result driven impact customised solutions to your needs.

We combine academics and street smarts to ensure our team produce best fit solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements from our clients.

Customised Video’s for all Occasions

meet the crew…

Media & Graphics

Media & Graphics design including innovative short video production for all special occasions, Specialised Photography, Studio Production, Video production, Voice Overs

Arthur Kitoloh

Managing Director, Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Strategist, Video Content Creator, Lean Business Specialist and the Founder of the non profit organisation Men Must Talk.

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Talent Performance & Strategy

Professional Speaking & Moderation,  Coaching, Program Implementation, Facilitation & Evaluation, Transformation & Change Management, Instruction Design, Project Management .


Talent & Performance Strategist, Speaker, Certified Neurozone®

Coach & Brand Ambassador,  Brand Activator, Founder of  A Woman’s Worth Chapters & Legacy of Learning Diaries, Non-Executive director at Tili Ponsé & The Art Kartel Media.

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a little more about us…

We are a level 1 BBBEE owned entrepreneurship business committed to contributing to our continent’s socio-economic development as well as creating Job opportunities.

At LeahK we ultimately envision a world where Individuals who want to make an impact through collaboration to develop their skills, identify opportunities that positively shape communities as well as our economy, work collectively across the continent to establish collaborating chapters that build a legacy for our future generations.

To contribute to this, we plan to connect individuals in countries across Africa to establish chapters in their local communities to implement skills development initiatives that will have a positive impact in the communities and our economy.

To achieve this, we operate across three focus areas:

Talent Performance Improvement
Graphics & Media Design
Event Planning & Management

At LeahK we believe that by networking and building collaborative communities, we all win. We don’t work on a traditional model but rather a futuristic model with a wider scope of skills and experience. Working through our three focus areas, our capabilities allow us to deliver our ultimate intent of making an impact and building legacy for our future generations.

The Art Kartel Media

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Media & Graphics

Custom Content

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Talent & Performance Strategist, Speaker, Coach & Brand Activator